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Q: How many Light Blue 1980 Malibus were built?
A: There is no known breakdown of any particular color for Malibus.

Q: When did the body style change?
A: The current (1978-1983) Malibu changed to the General Motors "G-body" platform in 1978 and the "Chevelle" nameplate was dropped. The last Malibu Classic was supposedly marketed in 1982 although the GM "Restoration Kit" for 1982 only shows the sedan and station wagon. For 1983 only the station wagon is shown in GM's "Restoration Kit."

Although the sedan and wagon were phased out, the El Camino utility, which shared styling with the Malibu, remained in production until 1987. If you have an El Camino/Cabalerro, see my El Camino Registry

* Caveat: In Mexico, General Motors produced this generation in the Ramos Arizpe plant, which was sold during three years (1979 to 1981). Mexican versions came in three trim levels (Chevelle, Malibu and Malibu Classic) and two body styles (sedan and coupe) with the 250 cu in (4.1 L) I-6 as basic engine and the 350 cu in (5.7 L) 260 hp (194 kW) V-8 as the optional; this engine was standard on Malibu Classic models during those three years.